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GlobalCrucible is a green non-profit dedicated to providing eco-friendly, educational and humanitarian services to unprivileged children especially orphans. We have worked on various educational and humanitarian programs within continental USA and Africa. Our mission is to restore normalcy as much as possible to unprivileged children's physical and emotional needs, and raise them to be independent and future leaders who bring about permanent change in society and their surrounding environment.

GlobalCrucible has worked on various initiatives with Los Angeles Unified School District (Homeless Unit) covering environmental management system, in addition to working with CIDO AIDS Orphanage in Africa on water sanitation initiative among others.

our mission

"Leave Your Thumbprint"

GlobalCrucible is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (green) Corporation and our niche is in these three areas:

Green Living

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle tangible and intangible resources as a means of conserving the environment with main focus of improving communities's welfare.

  • Promote more sustainable eco-lifestyle.
  • Advocate for health and wellness.


GlobalCrucible strives to bridge the technological gap among social classes by collecting and donating new or used technical equipment as medium for facilitating education among low-income populace.

  • Partner with education outreach organizations and; after school programs that focus on basic technical and medical field training for underprivileged youth and low income students.

Human Services & Community Development

  • Assistance with basic needs within communities; donate food, clothes and other life's essentials.
  • Sponsor community events, conduct fundraising drives and volunteerism.
  • Health services and community welfare, work with hospitals to collect re-usable medical equipment and donate it to community hospitals and mobile clinics in impoverished areas.


Children Blessed via Global Crucible

Family is the key to orphan's happiness

Every one of the thousands of children that have come to CIDO Orphan Care are cared for both physically and emotionally. Caring for orphans requires a safe and supportive environment including food and water, education, healthcare and a loving family.

what we do

  • Food

    GlobalCrucible ensures that each child has more than enough to eat and essential necessities. Each home acquires food by growing it in gardens, receiving donations from members of our donor network, or receiving relief food in cases of emergency and scholastic materials.

  • Water

    GlobalCrucible does more than ensure that the orphan home has fresh, clean water. We also educate the communities of importance of sustainability pertaining to their daily activities, the environment, health and wellness.

  • Education

    Every child deserves an education, especially if they have had a rough start of life. Every child under the GlobalCrucible program is provided with a starter kit with basic necessities to help ease their burden as they try to rehabilitate and improve their well being depending on their situation.