our vision

We operate to change
the life of unprivileged children

“Don’t look for big things, just do small things with great LOVE….The smaller the thing, the greater must be our LOVE.” ---Mahatma Gandhi.

our mission

GlobalCrucible’s Mission Statement

GlobalCrucible is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (green) Corporation and our niche is in these three areas:

Green Living

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle tangible and intangible resources as a means of conserving the environment with main focus of improving communities's welfare.

  • - Promote more sustainable eco-lifestyle.
  • - Advocate for health and wellness.


GlobalCrucible strives to bridge the technological gap among social classes by collecting and donating new or used technical equipment as medium for facilitating education among low-income populace.

  • - Partner with education outreach organizations and; after school programs that focus on basic technical and medical field training for underprivileged youth and low income students.

Human Services & Community Development

  • - Assistance with basic needs within communities; donate food, clothes and other life's essentials.
  • - Sponsor community events, conduct fundraising drives and volunteerism.
  • - Health services and community welfare, work with hospitals to collect re-usable medical equipment and donate it to community hospitals and mobile clinics in impoverished areas.

our team

  • Dennis Maliani

    Dennis Maliani

    Dennis Maliani, MBA-IT, PMP - Founder and CEO.
    Over ten plus years experience in operations and management; nine plus years of which in project management. Diverse IT background in Healthcare, e-Commerce, Digital media, Financial industries; to include Logistics, Supply Chain management and Green Technology. Vast experience in the Non-profit sector, grants and donor relations management. Possess an MBA-IT from University of La Verne; with double concentration in Global Business and Information Technology. Bachelor of Science with double concentration in Computer Science and Digital media from Middle Tennessee State University.

  • Eric Zuley

    Eric Zuley

    Eric Zuley, MBA - Brand Ambassador & Spokesperson.
    Eric Zuley aka EZ is a celebrity host and philanthropist with a genius entrepreneur mentality with many accomplishments.
    Eric was bestowed the Robert Novak award; who was one of the greatest journalists of our time.He has earned various awards among which from congress, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office, received high commendation from the county of Los Angeles the MMPA & ASYM, Certificate of congressional recognition to include city of Los Angeles in recognitions for his community work.
    Among his many talents, Eric has graced the cover of Rock Thiz Magazine & The Bizness Magazine in the year 2011; acted in over 6 films and has interviewed over 1500 known faced celebrities. He has also starred in a international commercial for AXE BODY SPRAY.
    Eric Zuley has worked with various charities, created funding and or awareness for Britticares International, Never Give Up Foundation, American Red Cross, ASPCA, Free arts for abused children, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, American Diabetes Association, Dare you 2 care, The Covenant House and more and donated over 50,000 hours of has time for good causes and independent talent. He created a movement called The EZ Way to help open doors for people that deserve it

  • Jason Reifman

    Jason Reifman

    Jason Reifman, MBA-IT - Director, Program Management and Secretary
    Joined Globalcrucible in August of 2009, Jason comes to the organization from a background of eight plus years in the Insurance Industry. His experience in the Insurance Industry includes account management, benefit payment compliance, underwriting, and marketing.
    Jason earned a Bachelor of Science in both Finance and Information Systems from California State University, Northridge, and an MBA with a focus in both Management and Information Technology from the University of La Verne. With a passion for technology and an understanding of its impact on the global economy he takes pride in the work set out by Globalcrucible. Jason hopes to utilize his business and IT knowledge in making his footprint on society and those in need.

  • Pauli Orchon

    Pauli Orchon

    Pauli Orchon, MBA - Director Business Development & Branding.
    Pauli Orchon has worked on the development and execution of numerous global marketing programs for major studio releases and has been a producer on several recent network television shows. This natural extension of her connections and skills meld the world of product integration and promotions into the actual production process, bringing corporate partners in at the outset of a show’s development.
    Pauli has also been in charge of strategic partnerships and sponsorships on numerous television series for Fox, NBC, and Sony Television. She has been responsible for designing these forward thinking pitches for accounts such as Interscope Records, USA Films, Sci Fi Channel, Sony Electronics, Dailey & Associates and BBD&O, L’Oreal Cosmetics, Australian Tourism Board, Maybelline/Cosmair, Inc. and Visa. A graduate of UCLA with a BA double major in Political Science and Sociology, Pauli also attended Anderson Graduate School of Management in the Executive MBA program.

  • Arthur Byasiima

    Arthur Byasiima

    Arthur Byasiima, MBA - Director, Finance and Forecasting.
    Arthur joined Globalcrucible in August 2009 with extensive knowledge and experience in the financial industry with main focus in auditing, accounting and banking.
    Arthur has held various positions among which include Assistant Vice President, Healthcare Division for US Bank based in Nashville. Prior, Arthur was portfolio manager for the Healthcare Corporate and Investment banking group at SunTrust Bank and auditor/accountant for the State of Tennessee. Arthur holds a dual-degree, BA in Economics / BS in Accounting and Finance from Alabama A&M University plus an MBA from the University of North Alabama.

  • Luis C. Lopez

    Luis C. Lopez

    Luis C. Lopez, PMP - Corporate Compliance and Strategy
    Luis joined Globalcrucible in March 2010; and he brings with him an extensive background in consulting. He has provided consulting services for organizations such as Boeing, Fox Entertainment, Kaiser Permanente, Cedars Sinai Medical Group, and The Westfield Group.
    Luis also brings a lot of experience in the start-up Industry having worked on the founding of Enviromatrix and Somega HealthCare Systems. Luis received his Bachelor of Science from the University of California.

our goals


Benefits of GlobalCrucible Performing your Organizations Sustainability assessment and reporting: The Benefits

In today’s Global economy sustainability assessment and reporting has become one of the critical criteria for grading the social responsibility of organizations. GlobalCrucible’s tools will provide your organization a comprehensive sustainability report assessment to includeequipping you with tools/recommendations your organization can adopt to give you a competitive advantage.

High-level benefits:

• Reporting creates organizations’ credibility between your internal and external stakeholders in the environmental, social and economic sectors

• Secondly, reporting assess your organizationsabidance to laws, regulations, norms to include measure performance, strengths and weakness thus giving your organization a baseline evaluation which GC can help you work upon as part of your continuous improvement road map

• Reporting on sustainability development on social, environmental and economic ramifications of organizations activities will expose risks or liabilities or in some cases value creation opportunities that might open new untapped market avenues for your organization • Positive sustainability trend analyses will help your organization influence policy makers

• Marketing tool to potential clients or consumers that are particularly eco - conscious

• Creates a culture of ownership, non-punitive and builds long lasting commitment

• Triggers need for efficiency, continual improvement,data integrity and resource allocation


GlobalCrucible’s Sustainability Framework (GCSF) is a management model which addresses organizations’ and communities’ (‘entities’) complex issues which are Sustainability, Responsibility, Change and Monitor/Measure change.

GlobalCrucible management model is a conceptual framework based on the tradition of quality management and minimal waste approach. The aim of the GCSF is to guide and support various entities’ in their implementation of Corporate or Organization Sustainability and Responsibility frame works by aiding them in addressing the ambiguity and complexity of environmental or eco-system issues.



Assessment Matrix

The assessment matrix explores each segment by outlining Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of any given initiative.


1. Ecological

How will policies, a practice, service or product benefit or cause (minimal or extensive) damage to the environment?

2. Biophysical

How will the synergy between the physical environment and biological life forms in any given environmental location will be impacted? In case of any environmental changes how will the biological life adapt to survive or morph itself in the process?

3. Social-Ecological

How will the interaction in particular population segment in a given environment influence each other? Key factors: Physical activities, communication cycle, Health and wellness

4. Cultures/Traditions

How does environmental changes impact cultures? Does culture change as the economy transforms from agro- based (agricultural) to industrial based environment? Increase in population density will that translate in eliminating water bodies or deforestation to accommodate construction for a booming population?

GlobalCrucible as a green organization, part of our mission and corporate responsibility is to focus on the major areas below to address environmental justice.
• Air emissions/Pollution
• Solid Waste Disposal, Resource Conservation and Recovery
• Toxic Substances Control
• Clean Water Act

In particular helping various entities in:
• Developing an understanding of environmental justice laws and principles.
• Developing targeted enforcement initiatives/projects or plans benefiting communities most burdened by pollution sources or impacts
• Ensuring public participation and information sharing whenever possible